Grochowski art

Grochowski art

Unique paintings that will transport you to unknown landscapes and soothe your soul. Each of them is the fruit of passion and love for art.

About me

Welcome! I am delighted you are here.

I have a diverse range of interests, but two passions that stand out: family and painting. They may seem vastly different, but they are united by one word: LOVE. When I am with my family or in my painting studio, I lose track of time, forget about fatigue and daily stress. My first passion is something I treasure and keep close to my heart, while my second passion, painting, is something I love to share with others through my art.

It would be a great honor for me if one of my paintings could grace the walls of your home.

Paweł Grochowski

Art gallery

Azure sea

Aurora light

Woman’s face

Levitating glass

Full moon over the ocean


Three women